display three lines at a time with CFAG12832A-YGH-N LCD


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As I know the CFAG12832A-YGH-N LCD can only display two lines at a time in character mode.

I wonder Whether the following graphics can be displayed at a time on the screen of CFAG12832A-YGH-N LCD
in graphic mode.

IA **********
IB *******
IC ********
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I do not have this display, but I have seen the datasheet for the controller chip, ST7920, so I can give you my opinion.

Yes, you can put 3 lines of text on the screen in graphics mode. You will have to make your own font bit patterns, which should be not more than 10 pixels tall. This display requires that pixels are written horizontally, 16 bits at each write. So for character fonts that have narrow characters (less than 16 pixels wide), this becomes a problem to put 2 or more characters in a 16 bit wide write. So it may be more practical to do your graphics composition in the memory space of your cpu, by using bit shifting of the font bits, and combining the characters into the correct memory locations. Then when the text bit pattern is composed, the ten lines (rows) of pixels are then sent to the display.