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hi - very new to this forum & product - have several older Serial LCD 632 modules but they work great & i depend on them

I use program named "miniLyrics". I tried other similar apps in the past but this does work & has many modes for musician or casual listener. Since it's strictly s/w could anyone point me to possible: hints - faq - or hey-stupid-cant -u-read-we-discussed-this-b4 type of information.

I did search several hours but couln't find answer I need about which program or plugin etc might help me out.

I would like the lyrics to scroll on one of the lcd screens just that nothing more & lyrics using MiniLyrics do just that synched to music & displayed in monitor. Just want to send them to LCD.

If it helps: XP Pro - fast machine lots memory - usually been using 'Smartie' programs in past

thx for being patient & no sense sueing me 4 stupidity I'm only 15

[ http://www.philocode.com/minilyrics/ ] if interested
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