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Hi, is my first time here, and i'm very happy with this forum, so i have one question.
I bought an LCD Display, 20x4, and i use a CC2 with him, to sincronize with rFactor, and works, the display use parallel port.
But, i don't know how I make with the display when I pressing a button on keyboard, and show other screen, like this
one screen with RPM indicator, Speed and Gear
other screen, with Lap, Position, and others screen.
my display was configurated with this "HD44780" works only in that configuration. because the cable.

Tanks so much

Sorry for my bad english.

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Hi all,

Yeah im in the same boat and would love to know how to do this properly for rFactor

Also is there a way to use joystick buttons to do a next or previous screen?

I know there are a lot of rFactor users out there that use a joystick based button box which can have rotary switches and buttons mapped to do all sorts of things.

I reckon it would be really cool if you could assign a joystick button or a key, that if pressed, would take you straight to the page it was mapped to in CC2 or flip to the next screen in the order.


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Using the keyboard (or sometimes keypad) to make CC2 perform tasks like changing screens isnt the easiest thing to setup :(
There is no way to use a joystick/wheel button to perform tasks.

It requires manually modifying the configuration INI files using a text editor (notepad will do).
The INI files can also be quite hard to understand.

For an example, see here: https://forum.crystalfontz.com/showthread.php?t=3784

If your feeling ambitous, use the above example as a guide to set it up yourselves.
If you have issues, attach a ZIP file of all your INI files in here, and ill see what i can do.