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This post was previously submitted by jayers99 with no reply so far. We are experiencing the exact same issue. This has been tested on several different computers with the same results.

I am having problems displaying the Machine IPAddress with CrystalControl2. When I browse the WMI information in CrystalControl2 the value for IPAddress is “NA”.

IPAddress = NA

I’ve tried setting DHCP and Static IP settings and still not luck.

A sample WMI vbscript off MSDN succeeds at the task. I can see value data type is array when I use the WMI Object Browser included in Microsoft’s WMITools. I currently only have one address assigned.

I’ve also ran WMIDiag.vbs with no problems reported.

Is there another method for displaying IP stack info?

I see another post from jc634 to display the Computer IP Address using Win32_IP4RouteTable, but this method will only work for displaying an IP Address on the subnet specified here. In other words, if the computer is moved from a network to a network, and if was specified in the CC2 config, then the new 10.0.0.x IP Address will not show.

Is there a problem with CC2 and WMI?
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CF Mark

Its been a while since ive looked at anything related to the WMI plugin.
When trying it on my testing PC, it completely fails, so i have some fault finding to do.

What version of windows are you running?

Ill try to find a solution to this on Monday.


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The operating system we are most concerned with for the time being is Windows XP Professional 32-bit.
Thanks. -greg.

CF Mark

Yes, i am looking at it as i type.

I got the impression that you had this working at some point, but it has now ceased working.
Is that correct?

Under Win7 (not sure if it was the case on earlier versions) the IP address is contained in a special data type which CC2 does not support (yet).
If it did work at some point in WinXP, a patch or service-pack must have changed the data type it uses.

Either way, ill get this fixed today or tomorrow and have an updated plugin for you.


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Yes, I believe you are correct in that a Service Pack changed this.
We are now using the most updated Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 3.
Thanks for your help with this.


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dear all
i have the same issue hiere with WIN7 as well cant set the IP adress as the WMI plugin
it shows NA

any chance to get help there and or a newer plugin version with a fix ?

thanks in advance for your feedback


CF Mark

Ive attached the updated plugin.

It still shows "Ip Address = NA" in the selection window, but you should find that when you select it, after a short delay the correct IP address will be displayed.