Dim Backlight for CFAG12864B-WGH-V?


New member
I'm new to LCDs, so please excuse me if there are any errors in my methods or understanding. I ordered the CFAG12864B-WGH-V and since it has an EL backlight I ordered an EL inverter from digi-key.com. [The NDL-202 from digi-key.com: specs http://www.jkllamps.com/briefs/NDL202.pdf ].
My connections from the EL Inverter are as follows. I have the "IN" pin going to +5V and the "G" pin going to ground. I do not have the "NC" pin plugged into anything-- I actually have no idea what "NC" does. I then have "OUT" going to a little 100K Ohm pot with the inverter out on one side (pin 1), ground on the other side (pin 3) and the middle pin (pin 2) going out to pin 19 (A) on the LCD. Pin 20 (K) on the LCD is tied to ground.
When I adjust the resistance via the pot, the backlight adjusts as well ... but it doesn't seem that bright when the pot is in the "maximum" brightness position. Am I expecting too much from the brightness of this EL backlight? Have I made the right connections? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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