Desperate for a CFAH2004A-RGB-JP Datasheet - The link doesnt work.


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Does anyone have a copy of the datasheet for the CFAH2004A-RGB-JP ive got two here waiting to be wired, but i need to know what resistor to use from a 5volt power supply.

Could somone please help me out with this, i need it fairly urgently

regards, lawrence
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CF Tech

Hmmm. Looks like the PDF is broken.

Iled is 280mA / 4.2v typical.

The dropping resistor for 5v is:

(5v - 4.2v) / 0.280A = 2.8 ohms.

So just grab the next larger resistor that you can find that will give you a resistance larger than 3 ohms. (FYI, 3x 10 ohm resistors--which you can find at Radio Shack--in parallel will give you 3.33 ohms, which would work fine)

If you put a 100 ohm potentiometer in series with the resistor calculated above you can have a variable intensity without risk of driving too much current into the LED.

Please see this thread.


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thanks for your help, ill just use a 3.3ohm, ive got about 50 of them lying around here.

thx for the wiring instructions, tho this is around about the 25th display ive wired. :p

regards, lawrence