Dead 634??


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recieved my 634 yestarday, hooked it up to the serial cable and nothing happened.

i connected power to the 5v pin and the gnd pin and still nothing happened

BUT, if i connect 5v to the Backlight pin, and hook the gnd up, then short between the backlight pin and main 5v pin the backlight lights up fine, but there are no discernable lines on the display - the whole panel goes the yellow/green backlight color

other than that i cant get the display to do anything else

is this dead or what?


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It is possible that somehow the boot screen EEPROM somehow got corrupted.

Please get a straight through cable (not null-modem) and give WinTest a try and see if changing the contrast makes any difference.


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i am getting the same thing i tried to hook it up to the main 5v pin and i got a test screen ONCE and i can't get it to do it again. what is up?


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ok ok i "bridged" the LCD and LED 5v pins and mine started SMOKING!!!!!!!! What is up with this? it looks as if i am going to get a New display, this one lasted a whole day. =<