Dead 632?


New member
I cant seem to get any response from my 632 serial LCD display at all... any idea what I might be doing wrong?
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CF Tech

Generally "no response" is a cabling or software problem.

Are you sure you are using a "straight-through" serial cable?

Have you tried WinTest?

CF Tech

My first guess is that the USB adaptor is not installed correclty. Please check these items:

1) is there an "extra" COM port shown in device manager? (the one that is the USB adaptor) (how many "real" COM ports does your PC have, and how many ports show up in Device Manager?)

2) can a program like WinTest open that new COM port?

3) if you do something like the graph demo in WinTest, does the light on the USB adaptor blink?

If all those pass, the next thing to try would be to use WinTest on a PC with a "real" serial port to make sure the 632 is alive.