DDR Zone Review of USB LCD / USB Driver Links

CF Tech

Ordering instructions for the USB versions of the 632 & 634

The USB versions of the 632 & 634 are available now! Please take a look at it here to see if it will work in your application.

If you want the USB version of any 632 or 634 based product, just add that product to your shopping cart as usual, then enter this note in the "Special instructions" field of the final checkout page:

Please supply the USB version of this display. I authorize $5 additional for the USB version of this display and USB cable.

Please note that bracket kits which usually include the WR232Y02, WR232Y09, and WR232Y10 will instead include the WRUSBY09 cable shown in the photos linked above.

The USB board is pre-soldered to the PCB board and cannot be removed. The DB-9 (RS-232) connector is still in place but no longer active.

Here are the drivers: