Custom startup display


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I would like the CFA835 to display a custom screen at power-up. It appears that the "Store Current State As Boot State" command is what I should use to define this (command code 0x04). However, the command documentation does not explain this capability very well. It suggests that "text" information can be stored, but I would like to use a full, custom bitmap instead. Rather like the default power-up display (Crystalfontz logo, etc.). The documentation does not really say that a custom bitmap may be used.

Is this possible? How do I do it?
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CF Mark

Apologies for the late reply, you've probably got this worked out by now.

To answer the question...
Yes, Command 0x04 will store the exact screen state. This does include any text, custom fonts, graphics/bitmaps and videos (it will continue to play the video if it is preset on the uSD card on reboot).
Set the screen up how you would like it to look, then send the "Store Current State As Boot State" command (command 0x04).