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I'm writing my own software for interfacing with with the CFAH0802A-YYB-JP LCD.

I was looking over a tutorial that was setting PIN 17 as high (to indicate command is coming).

For my LCD would I have to set PIN 16 to high to show that the command is coming?

Seems to be that CFAH0802A-YYB-JP uses PIN16 (INT) like the tutorial i'm reading is using PIN 17 (SELECT INPUT).

I'm using this code as an example:
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The CFAH series are parallel LCDs, which means that CF do not recommend or support for connecting to a PC.
On a different note, that LCD is a parallel one, which means it has no pre-fixed connections. It all depends on what wiring pattern you used to connect to the parallel port.
If you need another example, look at the subject titled "DOS" in this room of the forum. There you can find a little program I wrote, full with source, in Turbo C++ for DOS. Hope that helps!


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Actually, I'm writing this program under Linux. It's almost like writing the code for DOS. I read a lot of tutorials about interfacing with the LCD and I believe I can manage coding it just fine. The problem I encountered with one tutorial is that it used PIN 17 to indiciate whether the informaion coming is data or a command. Some tutorials I've seen use PIN 16 (most common one). I will use PIN 16 for the above purpose, but I just wanted to make sure it wouldn't cause any problem. Perhaps since the LCD doesn't care where the low/high signal is coming from (as long as it in the CONTROL area of the parallel port).
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If you are under Linux, you might as well use the same conenctions as LCDproc. That connection will make your program a lot easier to test and for other Linux users (who have an LCD connected for LCDproc) to try.