Custom LCD protocol


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Hello Everyone

I have several 128x80 pixel graphical lcd`s with a UC1617 controller (Ultrachip)
As i could not find any software for this controller, i used it with the custom ATmega169 chip that its connected too.

I have a special test program which can display data on this display via RS232 and i know, pretty much which data does what after loggin the serial port.

My question is - Is it possible to create a plugin or a config file that will let me use Crystalfontz on the display?
Is it possible to use custom displays with the CC2 software?

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CF Mark

It is not possible to create custom plugins for CrystalControl2.
It only supports LCDs that Crystalfontz sell.

You could get the datasheet for a 632/634 module though and replicate the command set pretty easily.

As youve got a graphical LCD, have you looked at software that supports graphical LCDs?