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Just a quick note that it might be nice if the web site was updated to show CC2 under the Software page. Some people might not ever get to the forums.

Also, are the 2154 USB drivers Beta or released? If released, shouldn't they be posted somewhere?

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CF Tech

The 2154 drivers are the latest & greatest, and they are WHQL, but when we add in out VID & PID, it breaks the signature. Oh well.


New member
Im having what I beleive is a drive issue with the old drivers and CC2. My display just shuts off. CC2 still seems to be working fine.

Can I get these drivers, or tell me what to edit to make them work?


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I have installed the 2154, just copied some data from the beta 2151 drivers i had lying around. The driver signing doesn't work, but who cares ;)