Crystalfontz America Inc. Shipping CFA910 Single Board Computer with E Ink Vizplex Di

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Spokane Valley, WA - Crystalfontz America, Inc., is pleased to announce the availability of their CFA910, and ARM based Single Board Computer (SBC) with E Ink Display running Linux OS. This new module uses E Ink Holding Corporation's Electrophoretic Display (EPD) technology to provide developers and OEMs with an easy to use e-paper platform.

With it's ultra-thin profile, Ethernet, USB and serial connectivity, super low energy consumption due to the zero power 6 inch diagonal E Ink display, and full programmability inherited from the open source Linux operating system, the CFA910 brings a new level of custom design capability for manufacturers and product designers in need of a high resolution, low power display.

Despite being the size of a vacation postcard, the CFA910 is a powerful computing device built with an ARM microprocessor, 128MB of DDR2 SDRAM and large capacity SD card storage. Crystalfontz has also turned the engineer's task of writing data to the E Ink display into easy lifting, with abstracted drivers and commands that save developers from having to learn the intricacies Broadsheet EPD controller language.

The CFA910 is available with an optional touchscreen and expansion/development board.

Crystalfontz is a leading provider of display modules used in embedded, hand held, and rack-mount systems. To learn more about the CFA910, see high resolution photos and get pricing, visit the Crystalfontz website at:
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