CrystalControl2 on Windows7

CF Mark

Hi all,

This is will be a guide on how to get CrystalControl2 running as smoothly as possible under Windows7.
Ill update this post as information is gathered on this topic.

As Windows7 is still in beta/RC, consider any information here as "beta" also.
Just because it has worked here for some people, doesnt mean itll work for you.

LCD/USB Drivers
Windows7 appears to have one driver of the two required to get a CF USB LCD working.
Win7 installs the USB port driver, but cant find the "USB Serial Port" driver.

The drivers here appear to work correctly.
Extract the ZIP file, open the Win7 device manager, right-click on the "USB Serial Port" (will have a warning icon), select Update Driver, then select the location which the ZIP was extracted to on your hard drive.
Win7 should then find USB Serial Port driver and install it.

Installing CrystalControl2

Other Issues
- Make sure your Windows is kept updated. Some issues have been solved by installing the latest official Win7 updates.

Please reply in here if you have questions or information on how you have setup CC2 in Win7 to work best.
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For both the Beta version and the RC version, Win 7 had no problems auto-finding and auto-installing both the USB driver and VCP driver. I was using x64 in both cases, tho.

I then loaded my Vista screen files directly over to the Win 7 install. Not a single hic-cup. And I have several types of screens loaded pulling data from various sources. I will grant you that I do not pull much data from 3rd party SW, tho.

Just my experience.


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I'm using 7127 x64 also, but I have the same issue as Admin: everything installs except the USB drivers. I have to locate them manually. Same issue on the 32 bit version. :(

Also, from another post: "The only quirk so far is the ol' error when shutting down while the service is running. "CC2 tray application cannot be stopped..." or something to that effect. And for some reason, the calc function doesn't seem to work with in conjunction with rivatuner information. I have a screen that multiplies the GPU mem by 2, but it's outputting 0 for a total. Calc is working fine on my other screens. I tried rebuilding the GPU screen from scratch and recalculating the mem, just in case, to no avail. Kinda weird.

Other than those two small glitches, everything else is runnin' great."


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OK, the CC2 error, when shutting down Windows, seems to have gone away with build 7600 of Win7 64bit.

The USB drivers still won't install automatically, even though I've incorporated them into the Windows install via nLite. Other drivers introduced into the Windows install are recognized, so....

I'll see if that weird CALC "malfunction" is also gone, later tonight.


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Any news?


Any news on another release of CC2 to run on win 7 x64?

I just bought a CFA635 and its frustrating to use LCD Smartie, which is very nices btw, but pretty limited when it comes to features of the 635.

My computer gives random blue screens 0x0000007E even with the recommended drivers for win7.

I dont mean to be mean or anything, but you should point out on your downloads page that CFA635's drivers are not for WIN7 or that CrystalControl2 gives you a bad case of the BSODs.

I used a virtual appliance to test out the features of the 635. It works flawlessly on xp.


CF Mark

The most recent driver in this thread does not appear to have any issues.
Maybe people are using them (including me) without problems.

The current (and previous) version of CC2 works ok in Win7 x64.

CF Support2

I dont mean to be mean or anything, but you should point out on your downloads page that CFA635's drivers are not for WIN7 or that CrystalControl2 gives you a bad case of the BSODs.
We did not specify Win7 on our driver page, and assumed too much :( - for that we apologize. I have updated the driver page to point Win7 users to our forums.

Thank you for the feedback!


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On my system it calls it "Unknown Device" I tried the drivers but it says "Windows has determined your drivers are up to date"


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OK, is it dead
LCD screen shows up in device manager COM4 its detected
I can add the display 633 in ADD SCREEN
I can add new screens
LCD display is blank
I turned up the brightness & contrast
still blank
is it dead
I have a DMM to measure voltages to check if its dead
Running Win7 64
Let me know please


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How do I do a packet request ?

It wont let me select packet type

yeah the CF test packet flow box is listing things

The module/display type box is empty and refresh doesn't help

CF Mark

Do you have any "incoming" packets, or are they all "outgoing"?

Are you sure youve selected the correct com port & bitrate?