CrystalControl2 gifs and LCDControl


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Would it be ok if I used some of the gifs found within your screens archive? I'm back to working on LCDControl, a Linux LCD controller, and I borrowed some CrystalControl2 gifs before for debugging purposes, but I never uploaded them to the repo. When I came back I had to search for those gifs again. Still didn't find the dolby animation. hehe Is it ok if I borrow them? This is a GPL licensed project.
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CF Mark

Hmmm, difficult.
I didnt make any (users of CC2 did), so I cant really give you consent to use them :(

With some digging in this forum you should be able to find out who did make them, and then send them a email/pm.


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Ok, no prob. It's not a huge deal to me - just curious, and I only use them for debugging purposes anyways. Just trying to save some headaches in the future. LCDControl is a mere hobby of mine.