CrystalControl2 - 20050724

CF Mark

CrystalControl2 - 24/07/2005
Service Version: V1.00
Configure Version: V1.00

Click here to download CrystalControl2

If you are installing CrystalControl2 for the first time, it is suggested that you read the "Installing the Software" section of the manual.
A downloadable version of the manual can be found here.

It is recommended that you uninstall older versions of CrystalControl2 before installing this new version!
Not doing so will cause problems.

HD44780 support have been removed from this release of CrystalControl2 due to problems with the IO port driver.
Support will be re-introduced when this problem has been fixed.

Version History:
24/07/2005 (SV-1.00, CV-1.00):
- New textfile/http reading plugin using regex pattern matching
- New screens
- INIs now use the escape character "\"
- Fixed a few INI reading/writing bugs
- Faster service & GUI startup due to INI reading buffering
- Added support for using ID for temp sensor for fan control
- Extended max length of INI values to 512 chars (for regex matches)
- Added support of LCD character translation mapping
- 632/634 now supports special (red chars in map) characters
- Fixed \\ in cc2_config.ini creation by the installer
- Installer changes windows registry to give more time for CC2 to shutdown on PC reset/poweroff (should help fix PC poweroff lockups)

11/05/2005 (SV-1.00, CV-1.00):
- 631/633/635 full fan & temp sensor support
- Enhanced screen loading abilities (reduces manual changes required)
- Changed pop-up settings layout
- Manual updates
- New loadable screens
- Now supports line right scrolling
- Now supports item scrolling
- Fixed built in up/down screen keypad support (DKC)
- Many other smaller things

17/12/2004 (SV-1.00, CV-1.00):
- First public release

See below for updates for this release
(none as yet)
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