CrystalControl2 - 16/02/2006 - HD44780 still not working.


New member
Previously uninstalled CC1/CC2. Installed the above release. Rebooted and CC2 ran fine. Configured it with no errors, HD4470, 20x4, 0x378, mobo port set to EPP. Loaded a sample screen and nothing comes up on the screen.

I know the screen works because I have tested it with CFAH_Wintest and also LCDSmartie.

Please help. Thanx.
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CF Mark

Ok, can you kill the cc2_service in task manager, then copy these new attached files in (overwrite the old ones), then restart CC2.

Itll generate better logging so i can work out exactly what the problem is.

Ill only need the "cc2_service.log" and "lcd_hd44780.log" files.


CF Mark

Thanks for those.
That gives me an idea as to whats causing the problem.

Hopefully ill have a fix soon.