CrystalControl2 - 07.09.10 Virusmeldung!!


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CrystalControl2 - 07.09.10 Virusmeldung!!!

Ich bekomme beim installieren von 'CrystalControl2 - 07.09.10' eine Virusmeldung.
Norton 2010 meldet das ' ' beim installieren gefunden wurde.
Hat von euch noch jemand solche Virusmeldungen? :eek:

German to English translation

I have an install of 'CrystalControl2 - 07:09:10' viral message.
Norton 2010 reports, the '' found in the install.
Has anyone of you such virus messages?
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I don't read German very well, but I had turn turn off all security in Norton Internet Security 2010 to get CC2 to install. Norton thought it was a virus.