Crystal server released


New member
I'm happy to announce the release of <a href="">crystal-pre1</a>, a small <a href="">Python</a> based server for the CrystalFontz 632 and 634 serial LCD screens.
Crystal allows the control of an LCD screen via a TCP connection, using <a href="">simple plaintext commands</a>, such as <i>out 'hello world'</i>, or <i>crlf</i>. This early version supports most (but not all) controls for the LCD screen, and only has the capacity to handle a single connection at this time.

The next version will permit multiple simultaneous connections, and complete the set of control functions that are available.
Crystal can be downloaded from <a href="">Crystal's information page</a>.
Comments, questions, and contributions to the project would be welcomed. Thanks to Ben Wilson for providing pyCFontz, which made this project so much easier.


Rupert Scammell
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