Correct value for inductor


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Page 6 of the data sheet for CFAP200200A3-0154 Display Module has a 10uH inductor.
On page 23, the reference circuit has a 100uH inductor.
What is the correct value to use? Have designed our own board for this display and previous generation "A2" and "A1" have been working with a 22uH inductor as per earlier recommendations for the original "A0"
The A3 works with a 22uH inductor (with code changes - it does not work with older firmware we wrote for A2/A1) but I need to know if this is the optimal value for "A3".
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CF Kelsey

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Thank you for your inquiry. For the A3, the 10uH inductor is the recommended value as shown on page 6. The circuit on page 23 is the schematic for our epaper breakout board, which works with all of our epapers. So, while the A3 will work with the older schematic, we would recommend switching to the 10uH.