cooling fans on SCAB don't work


New member
I have CFA635 with SCAB accessories in couple servers. And there are four fans connecting to SCAB, but none of them work at all. The OS is Linux Fedora 10.

Please advice.
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CF Tech

By default the fans should all be on at 100%.

One quick test is to remove the cable between the CFA-635 and the SCAB. In absence of signals from the LCD, the SCAB will set the fans to 100% on. If they are now off, there probably is not power being delivered to the scab. If they are now on and go back off when plugged into the CFA-635, then the CFA-635 must be commanding the fans off.

If the CFA-635 is commanding the fans off, it is either because some software is sending the fans off command, or the fans were turned off, then this state was saved as the boot state.

Can you do the above test and let us know what you find?
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