Controlling Fan Speeds using 631 Keypad?


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Is there yet a script to allow the use of the 631 keypad to change fan speeds? This would be very handy, would save me a trip into Speedfan when im about to join a game.

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This item is very much on our 'to do' lists for screen writing, but an experiment only at the moment. Please bear with us whilst we finish tuning things. It will probably happen, just not quite yet.

If it needs a Plugin then CC2 Admin/Tech will respond on the issue.


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The current 631 plugin will do this already via events.

There are new 631/633 plugins on the way though that greatly increase fan control options, so you may want to wait for these.


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CrystalControl Admin said:
The current 631 plugin will do this already via events.
How? I'd like to experiment with what is already available, as well as wait for the next plugin.

Im using CC2 currently, I would like to add.

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It is a very difficult thing to do by hand.
It requires a lot of knowledge about how the CC2 INI files and ID number system work.

If you would like to learn, i sugest you start by looking through the INI files in the "cc2-service" directory and work out how screens are made.

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swedkg said:
can you share some info pls??
Itll allow for more than one temp sensor to be used to control a fan.
Itll also allow for much more accurate control of the fan speed depending on temp by drawing your own temp/speed response graphs.


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nice to hear that.
some more ideas, if you like:
1) a new Service Monitor for 633, configurable (colors, line weight, axis, etc). a monitor that can work with CC2, because i think the previous one doesn't.
2) detachable histogram window for the Service Monitor (without any settings or tabs), so i can send it to another monitor, and why not, on a small LCD.
3) Logging of course, on .CSV files, or any other file type that i can use with Excel, so i don't have to restart and use 3 different programs to work with my module.
4) target temperature: let the module decide the fan speed, i just want this temp fixed at 30 degrees and i don't want to mess with fan speeds and curves.

(sometimes i think i want all of the 3 software availiable for the 633 in one).

finally, make a service (software, whatever) that works, pls. The 633 has a huge potential, but the current software cannot keep up with the same standards. It is just not right to have to reboot because of a service failure.
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