Connection type for CFAG240128D-FMI-T

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We do not recommend the parallel modules (such as the one you are interested in) for end-user PC applications. These modules require more extensive wiring knowledge and the proper tools. These modules are primarily intended for OEM (manufacturer) use, and as such, we do not carry any cables, brackets, or serial adapters for these modules.

We do not offer end-user tech support on the CFAG* series LCDs in PC applications. We will not accept returns on CFAG* LCDs damaged in an attempt to connect them to a PC.

The serial modules and kits (634, 633, 632 models) are best suited for PC applications.

Please see this forum thread for our PCuser LCD recommendations:

On that note, it is more than possible, but will likely be a lot of work, as I'm not sure that there are any "popular" LCD control programs that work with the controller that is on that LCD (LC7981).

It takes a parallel interface, so you'd have to make up a cable or interface board to attach to the LCD. For that, it'd all be in the data sheet ( for the programming interface and the pinouts.

You can try and see if they support that controller, and maybe that'd make it worthwhile, without having to write software support for it if they have already done so.


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Graphic LCDs

Actually, the connection is possible. There are programs such as LCDstudio or powerLCD with which to drive a graphic LCD through the parallel port. However, note a quite substantial percentage of CPU usage, as well as experience required wiring one of these, not to mention a high probability of damaging the (somewhat expensive) display in the process. As a start, I'd recommend a visit to the LCDstudio site ( or the (which is not free) and let yourself be the judge if it's worth the trouble!


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Thanks for the advice. I was leaning toward the 634 series anyway, but it seems that all of those are currently out of stock, so I will most likely wait.