Connecting the CFAG320240C-FMI-T (SED1335)

I were wondering if anyone had the schematics for makeing a cable betwen the CFAG320240C-FMI-T and a paralell port.

Also the paralell port have a voltage of 3.3v, while the char. of the display say Logic Voltage "recomended" 5v. It has a 5.5v as max, but no minimum. Any one know if this might "burnout" the paralell port over time?:rolleyes:
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CF Mark

Parallel ports use TLL levels which is 5V.
I would find it very odd if your parallel port uses 3.3V instead.

If it is 3.3V, there is a good chance the LCD would still work ok.
And no, 3.3V parallel port driving a 5V LCD will not damage the parallel port (unless your trying to drive somthing stupid with it like the backlight).