Connecting my CFA634-TFB-KS to my Via Epia MII10000


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I want to connect my CFA634-TFB-KS to my via Epia MII10000 serial connection. I want to save as much space as possible and want to use usb cables like these:

This is the diagram I designed and I suppose I can simply join the cables together:

Is there a better way, or is the diagram completly wrong?
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CF Tech said:
That all looks good to me. I do not see any reason that it should not work.
The only thing I'm a bit worried ... you can connect ground cables together, without problems?

CF Tech

Ground loops can be an issue, but you pretty much have to connect both grounds.

Once it is connected, you may find that you can remove the ground from the motherboard's RS-232 header and that it may still work (because RS-232 levels have plenty of margin, and the baud rate is slow, and the cables are not very long). However leaving both grounds in place typically does not cause any trouble.