Configuring CFA633-USB - Cannot Configure using crystalcontrol2


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Good afternoon,
I have a cfa633-usb on com3 on server 2008 r2 with drivers installed. device shows properly in device manager on com3 and at 19200 speed.

I am able to use Crystalfontz 632/634 WinTest b1.9 to change the text on the front of the device and configure the contrast/backlight. If I reboot however, the settings are lost. Each time I reboot my device, it shows NitroSecurity on the top line, and NitroGuard on the bottom line.

Wintest shows status: Found: CFA533:h0.1,u1.0

If I use WinTest v2.0, i cannot send text to the device.

I added the 633 in crystal control 2 on com3 and at 19200 speed. I added a new screen with some static characters, but am unable to see them on the panel.

Can anyone help?:confused:
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CF Support2

Download 633_WinTest:

Set the text, backlight, and contrast to what you would like the boot state to be.

Open the Packet Debugger.

Select Command 4 - Save current state as boot state.

Leave the data field blank

Click on Send packet.

Close 633_WinTest and power cycle your module. It should now show your desired boot screen.

For CC2, after you set up your screen / screens, check the contrast and backlight settings, the start / restart CC2. You should see your module reboot prior to the screens starting to display.
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