Conditional Events


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i just checked the documentation for the keyboard programming, wich involves to modify the cc2_service.ini.

Now, i have a 634, so, no keyboard.

I'd like to have the possibility to check, in every screen, if some condition is meet (or not) and then, do an action.

Simpliest example could be:

Is Winamp running? Yes, show this screen (wich has a winamp bargraph). No, jump to screen number x.

Of course, you can do this editing the cc2_service.ini, infact i did it:


And it works. But, with the "Alt enable", as soon as it comes to the "skipped" screen, it doesn't check winamp again and shows the screen.

It would be really useful to be able to check and jump (or do other task) in every screen, continuously (or, at least, once when the screen starts).

That think could even go further.

For example, into the *same* screen:

Is condition met?
Yes = show [r01-i02-1]
No = show [r01-i02-2]

(of course, we should define two different versions of [r01-i02], in that example, [r01-i02-1] and [r01-i02-2]).

What about that?
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CF Mark

Make the skip event for the winamp screen a screen event.
ie somthing like [m00-s04-event00].
That should do it.

CF Mark

dhs said:
mmm.... didn't know it can be done in screens.

What's the "so4" part in it?
As in module00 screen04 event00.

s04 is just an example, change that to whatever your winamp screen is.