Computer Mod using 2x 735's --Worklog enclosed--

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Well here it is guys, One of the most amazing mods we have come up with. We already did a review of the Fusion 4000 Chassis so now we are going to mod it!

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I will highlight just some of the amazing mods we are doing to this. First. It will be a dual system. Ivy Bridge for main system (when it comes out next month) and 1155 low power mini- ITX as the top system. We will have full 3 Loop water cooling. One for top system and 2 for main system. We’re not sure on the video cards yet. We’ll see when Kepler is out. But we intend on at least 3 cards for main system and 1 for top.

Custom electronics through out for monitoring, control and automation.

We will keep it black with UV Green highlights and Chrome fittings.

There is so much more but we don’t want to spoil it for you.

We would like to thank our Sponsors for their contributions.

CrystalFontz Has provided 2X CFA 735 Controllers for our systems.

Azza has of course given us the awesome Fusion 4000 chassis to work with.

EKWB Has sent us a nice Dual Bay Reservoir which we will use in this.

We are currently seeking a few more Sponsors as this is going to exceed many thousands of dollars.

First we started with the top. Our intention is to flip the doors so that they open UP not down.

So we brought out the Modders friend, the Dremel 4000. Complete with extension cable which is a life saver.

Once the doors were removed, we also cut out the design in them to replace with Plexi. In the pictures it looks like the cuts are not clean, but indeed they are perfectly straight. We used Dremel’s Saw Max to cut it out. Works great with light steel.

After all the cutting, we placed a custom cam through the hinges so that we can attach servos to open the doors together.

Here is a video of the result. Keep in mind we don’t have the servos installed yet so we just turn it by hand.

Top door operation
Later we will be adding the servos and plexi, we’ll update the pics then.

We then moved to the top of the Chassis, the Louvers. They didn’t open very far, and you had to do it manually. We cant have that now can we?
First thing we did was remove the stopper on the edges of the louvers so they could raise higher.

Then we crafted a whole new lever action which will also be opened by a servo. Only this servo will be temperature controlled. You will be able to open and close it manually also though.

We fashioned these pins that will connect to each louver. The moving bar will then push or pull each louver.

Louvers in Action
Now we moved on to the newly designed Feet/legs. With this tower being so tall, we wanted a more aggressive and stable stance.

We started with 1/2” Aluminum and painstakingly cut out each piece We will let you guys how they will look when we’re done

This was the remnants.

This is it for now guys. We will be updating you in a couple days with a lot more. We will be fashioning the Legs/Feet and so much more.
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Nice update for you guys. This is really starting to come together.

We decided to lift the top of the case, as if it isn't tall enough, but we wanted MORE ROOM!
So we cut a strip of aluminum and bent it to shape of the rest of the top.

This turned out quite well and will suit our needs.

We moved into the front in which we removed the stock 2 fans and decided to put in a Hardware Labs X-Flow 240mm Radiator.

We permanently attached some DangerDen Delrin fittings

We cut out the vent in the lower area, not only to make room for the tubing, but for some other things we have planned which you will see later.

Huge thanks to Dremel for making that easy to do

We just got in our servos and some other things so we'll begin automation real soon. Stay tuned!

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Ok here we go with some more substantial updates and news. Finally.

We have started assembly and have gotten pretty far. We got all the fans painted and back together.

This was just the second coat. You can notice the different types of fans. This was intentional. Some of the positions of particular fans required different specs of fan. some PWM, some 800 RPM, etc. All besides 2 fans in the entire system will be controlled by Crystalfontz's CFA735

Once those dried we got them in place on the top Black Ice GTX 480 HardwareLabs Radiator

We also got 2 more fans put in the front radiator, a HardwareLabs Pro II XFLOW

If you notice on the bottom right of the 240, we crafted a custom manifold so we could route the flexible tubing through the front with enough slack to allow the door to be functional while the system was in use.

I temporarily placed the only 2 hotswap drive bays for the upper system, once we crafted a protective and decorative plate over the back of it. These 2 bays will be the only open bays for the upper system. Rest is taken up by monitor, the 735 controller and water pump behind them.

Dennie is busy making some really fancy Fan Header manifolds so we can run each "sector" as one fan, then control it with the CFA735. I'll have some shots of those later this week.

So I got started on the fan grill that I'll be cutting our with a design. We're not 100% set on the design yet, but we do know it has to flow well with the design and be able to match one the 120mm and 240mm radiators.

The radiator in this picture is of course HardwareLabs GTX120 Gen 2 XTREME slightly marred from me sliding rough sheets of aluminum across it for fit testing. Both this one and the 240 are set up for Push/Pull configuration. The 480 is just set up for Pull. Mostly due to space restraints. I would have liked to have added 4 more fans to the 480 but we are flat out of room in this giant case.

Here is a glory (or not) shot of the front. Mostly for preservation as a before and after shot later when we're done.

We're still trying to source three NVIDIA 670 waterblocks, with them being so new and i guess not that popular among enthusiasts, there are only a couple people crafting them at the moment. We have time though as we still have another 50 feet or so of sleeving to do on top of everything else.
I think we were a bit too rambunctious in the beginning and are trying to put too much inside what we thought was a big enough case. Which in reality, the Fusion 4000, as good as it is, is more than enough for most people. We just wanted to push this one way over the top. Let us know if you think we are... over the top that is.

On a side note, stop by our place, and register. We are almost always giving away these product samples we get in for reviews either in our forums or on Facebook and would like to strengthen our community on the US side.

Thanks guys we'll talk to you again soon.