Command 0x07 "deprecated" on CFA635


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Is comman 0x07, send a line to the LCD, actually valid on the CFA635 or not? I can't get the 635 to respond to it with anything other than an error code, either in my own software on in WinTest, although it's marked in the datasheet as being deprecated rather than omitted.

The reason I came across this is that a byte sequence containing command 0x07 is frequently given out by tech support here, as a known-good sequence. I've tried sending that and it is absolutely rejected by the 635. Thanks for the curveball, guys...

Can I suggest a better alternative, which would have the same effect, would be:

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Yes, commands 7 & 8 are not supported by the CFA-635.

We should update that known good sequence to command 31 as you suggest.

Please accept my apologies for the confusion.