clearing key cache for the 633??


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i have a 633 and i was wondering how i could clear the key cache. For example, if i pressed a button 10 times and for each time it is supposed to do something, is there a way to clear that cache so it doesn't do it until i'm ready? So by pressing that button 10 times, makes my programs speed through 10 action items...

does that make sense? basically, i wanna know how to clear the key cache....
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CF Tech

The module does not buffer any keys . . . when the physical event happens the module immediately sends the key event packet.

If buffering is happening, it is probably in the buffering on the host software.

You can use command 23 (set key event reporting) to temporarily disable key reporting until you are ready. Is that the kind of thing you are looking for?


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thanks!! that's exactly what i was looking for...
yeah...i wasn't sure if the 633 was holding up the commands or if i was waiting for it... but i guess i was...

thanks a lot! turning the key polling off works great :)
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