Chaintech 7NJS & 634 USB series LCD


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I have Chaintech 7 NJS motherboard and I have 634 series USB LCD display, I have to connect the display, but the motherboard hase a lot of pins, which are the right one??
Thanks for the help
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Note: The general procedure outlined here will work for most motherboards. The pictures are specific to the Chaintech 7NJS-Ultra, but you should be able to find the equivalent connectors and diagrams in your motherboard's manual.

Warning: Making these connections incorrectly can damage your display or your motherboard. Make all connections with the power off. Double-check your work. Have a friend look it over. If you are not 100% sure, please have a qualified PC technician make the connection for you.

The first step is to get the manual for your motherboard from the motherboard manufacturer's site. In this case, the manual is here:

You are looking for something that is typically called a "USB header". The Chaintech manual calls them "CN23/CN23A (USB 2/3 and 4/5 Connectors)".

The USB headers are located here on your motherboard:

Here is drawing of the USB headers' locations:

Here is a zoomed view of the above drawing (for reference, the grey rectangle indicates pin 1, but that is not particularly helpful for the USB headers):

Each of the two connectors has the same pin assignments. Each of the two connectors has two USB ports on it (a total of four ports on the two connectors).

USB has four signals:
  1. "Power" or "VCC" or "+5v" (Color is typically RED)
  2. "Data +" or "D+" (Color is typically GREEN)
  3. "Data -" or "D-" (Color is typically WHITE)
  4. "Ground" or "Vss" or "Gnd" (Color is typically BLACK)[/list=1](there is also a shield, which is typically connected to ground, but since the WRUSBY11 takes care of that for you, we will not discuss it further)

    The WRUSBY11 uses the standard colors, and has each of the four ends labeled:

    So once you have the pin-outs of the motherboard's USB header, it is just a matter of connecting the corresponding signals up in a 1:1 fashion:

    Once the physical connection is made, then you will need to load the USB drivers, and install your LCD software.
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