CFAL9664B-F-B1 power supply


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I have just ordered a CFAL9664B-F-B1 OLED display to play around with, and am wondering if anyone has any experience with building a power supply for this display. I will be connecting this to either a FPGA development board, with 3.3v power supply, or a microprocessor development board, with 3.3v power supply. The documentation indicates that the controller contains a DC-DC converter to generate the 12v needed for the display, but the converter is not implemented with this display, correct?
Can anyone point me to a reference design for a low component count/easy to implement 3.3v->12v converter, that i can use to properly interface to this display?

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One of the engineers is working on demo board support for that display. I'll see if I can get a schematic posted to the forum.

It seems like I heard from the engineer that the DC/DC that is built into the controller cannot be used, but I am not sure the reason. It might be that not all of the signals were brought out, or something similar.

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OK, one of the other engineers pushed the design through WebBench. I have attached the resulting design.
Here's a National simple switcher design done in National's WebBench that should provide the VPANEL (+13VDC) for the CFA9664B-F-B1. From the Crystalfontz datasheet, you need to provide VLOGIC (+3.3VDC) before VPANEL (opposite on powerdown) so you will want to use a port pin of your MCU to sequence the LM2735 through its SHDN pin to enable VPANEL after your VLOGIC is up and disable VPANEL before your VLOGIC falls.



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Has this part changed since this post was made?

Page 59 of the datasheet shows how to connect external components to generate the Vpanel voltage.

Do I need to go with an external solution like listed above, or does the internal generator work now?

Edit: Continued reading on the product page where it says the DC-DC converter was removed. However, the information is still in the datasheet?
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