CFAL9664B-F-B1-CB questions


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I have the CFAL9664B-F-B1-CB board. I have some questions on how to get it up and running.

The screen board (2BM-10000-CFAL9664B-F-B1-CB) has no real PIN identifiers on it, only "J1" next to one pin.

I've assumed that this means that is PIN 1. Comparing it to similar boards it seems to be this way, but I'd like to verify that my assumption is correct?

Is there a schematic of how the pins of the 2BM-10000-CFAL9664B-F-B1-CB board map to the pins of the SSD1332 controller?

The display datasheet (CFAL9664B-F-B2DatasheetReleaseDate2017-09-15.pdf) states that V-panel should be powered after initialization of the display. The example on your website does not show in the code that power is applied to this pin explicitly after initializing the display? (

The SSD1332 lists all commands and their explanation, but it doesn't state that certain commands must be run in a certain order for it to initialize the panel. The example is the only reference in regards to how to initialize the display to get it running?

Is the SPI protocol used the default one? The documentation for the controller doesn't state much in regards to this?

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Thank you for your inquiry.

Unfortunately, we had next to no information on the 2BM-10000, which is not in alignment with our current stance on demo and carrier board IP. So when we needed to reorder, we developed the CFA10083 board to replace it:

The CFA10083 is fully documented look for "Hardware Design - Carrier Board Build Package" and "Software Source - Arduino Demo Sketch" on the above page. The schematic, BOM and even PCB files are all there.

To the best of our knowledge, the CFA10083 should drop into any application that the 2BM-10000 was used in.

The code in the "Software Source - Arduino Demo Sketch" should work fine on the 2BM-10000, just set the "B1" define at the top of the file:
// Set Display Type:
[B][COLOR="#00008F"]#define CFAL9664BFB1 (1)[/COLOR][/B] 
#define CFAL9664BFB2 (0)
Hopefully, that helps.