CFAL25664A Burn In


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Hi There,

I am using a CFAL25664A OLED display in a project and have noted considerable burn in after leaving the OLED on for a few days. I understand OLED technology does not have a particularly long life but should I be seeing burn in after only a few days? Is there something else that could be causing this?


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CF Support

OLED displays are an emissive technology. Each pixel is susceptible to dimming based on its individual use (burn-in). Frequently used pixels will dim more quickly than pixels that are not used as often. Please avoid using a bright, static, high-contrast image for a long time. If you want to leave the display powered on, please use scrolling text or alternating images to "wear level" the pixels. To conserve power and display lifetime, turn off or dim the display when it is not in use.

That said, depending on the voltage used, the brightness setting, and whether or not you're changing the pixels shown, you can begin to see burn-in to some degree with static images after not more than maybe 100 hours of continuous use, though this will of course vary by your application, ambient temperature, etc.