CFAL1602BY not powering on


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I am getting started with a CFAL1602BY and when I power up the display I get no back light, initialization or indication of life from the device.

I have used the serial displays before from Crystal Fontz and recall them powering up immediately.

Is there something I may have overlooked with the parallel unit?

Thanks in advance.
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CF Support2

By default, the controller basically has things turned "off". The CFAL1062B-Y isn't "smart" like our serial and USB modules. It has a controller on board, but you have to tell it what to do. Initialize the controller, then send the characters from CGROM to where you want them.

I've uploaded some sample code (rename to .c for your editor) that we use on our CFA1009 demo board (Atmel ATMEGA2561). The basic bits are there, you'll need to adjust for the appropriate ports on your micro.



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Do I need to move a jumper or something on the device for 4 bit mode?
Does anyone have a code sample for 4 bit?

What I have should be working but is not.