CFAL12864C with PIC32 Blank Screen/Shutdown issue


New member

I am using CFAL12864C with PIC32, I have some problem with the code.

Here is my issue.
1. I am using code based on the datasheet and example code on the website but I have to change some of the code to fit with my microcontroller.

2. I follow the power up/down timing on the datasheet.

3. I am able to initialize the first screen (by using bmp() funtion from the datasheet). At this moment if I do nothing the LCD show the first screen as long as I supplied power.

4. If I write the screen by using bmp() again, sometime it work but sometime the screen blank and nothing display again.

5. This issue happen frequently and I think that I have problem with my code or something.

6. Schematic and power source I have follow your example in the datasheet.

Any advice will be very appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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