CFAH4004A-YYB-JP Initialization


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CFAH4004A-YYB-JP Initialization

There are two chip enables (E1 and E2) but in the timing diagrams only one enable (E) is reffered to. Should E1 and E2 be tied together and asserted at the same time, or should only one be used?

In the initialization diagram there are several functions listed. Are these all being written into the Instruction Register? In other words, does each of these functions listed in the diagram correspond to a write operation into the IR?

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1. The display is organized as two of 40x2 sections. Each has its own E signal, the other signals/bus are shared. If you tie the two E together, the top and bottom sections will have duplicate displays.

2. Yes. All the init values go to the IR. You may notice that the upper bits of the values are unique, to differentiate the command.


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Look at my intialization posted in "I think I broke it :(" I am working with the same LCD screen, my code is there and I got it to work, incase your having any problems.