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Hi all
Will the CFAH4004 work with the 4 bit interface?
I have successfully worked with a 2 * 20 and a 4 * 20 but dont seem to be able to get the 4 * 40 working.
There seem to be a few differences between the specs (mainly minor timing) but still i dont seem to be able to get even one half working.
As i understand it, the 40*4 is just a 20 * 4 twice- that is 2 seperate controllers (hence the 2 enable lines).:)
Do i need to go to 8 bit wide data bus interface.
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CF Tech

We have tested the CFAH4004AYYHJP series with the EDP-1, which uses 4-bit interface, so it should work.

If you hook the two enables together, the top half (40x2) should be the same as the bottom half (40x2).