CFAH2004K Series low-profile 20x4 standard character display

CF Tech

If you have ever been frustrated by the large board outline of a typical 20x4 standard character LCD module, then we have some good news for you. The CFAH2004K packs a full-size "HD44780 compatible" 20x4 LCD into a low-profile module. Where most 20x4 LCD modules are 60mm high, the CFAH2004K series is only 40mm high.

The CFAH2004K module has the same mounting hole locations and overall width as a standard 20x2 module. If you can spare a few millimeters on height, the CFAH2004K may be able to replace your existing 20x2 with a minimum redesign of your front panel opening.

To allow more flexibility in mounting, we have included connection locations on both sides of the module.

The low profile of the CFAH2004K allows it to be used in the front panel of 1U appliaces.

The CFAH2004K series is available in white-on-blue or dark-on-yellow variants.

Production quantities are available now.
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