CFAH2004AYYBJP trouble


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I have a CFAH2004AYYBJP that I am interfacing with a PICC 16F877A for a senior design project. I got everything wired up and have found that the display puts a row of solid blocks on lines 1 and 3 and nothing else. Right now my code is set to initialize and put an ascii 'a' on the screen, but all I see are these blocks. I have tried writting different things, but have been seeing the same stuff. I figure it is just an initialization problem, or could it be something more?
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It is definitely an initialization problem, because that is the symptom when power is applied but initialization is not done. Whether there is any other problem cant be determined yet. Make sure your I/O ports are set as outputs. If you are using 4 bit bus connection, try tying D0~D3 to ground.

Can you look at your signals with a scope, to make sure they are correct?


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Thanks all,

It was definately an initialization problem. I cleaned up my code and made some progress.


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Hey man,

This is Trevor, I just came here to post this exact same thread. I guess you beat me to the punch.

FYI, the load cell came in, and I figured out the problem with the regulator.

I've been looking through some threads here and doing some additional searching, and I should be online for awhile longer tonight. Let me know if you are getting stuck on anything in particular that I can research or help out in any way.