CFAH2004ATMIJP problems


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I have been using this display for 6 months now with no problem. However, i recently built a new board and connected the screen to the board, and only half of the display comes through, and the other half barely comes through.

I noticed on the board, that I had VDD going to Vo, and Vo going to VDD. So when I powered it up all I got was the backlight, and was unable to adjust contrast with a 10k pot. Once I fixed the connection problem and powered up the module with my micro controller and i could only get half the screen to come in in regular contrast, and if u looked closely u could see the other half of the screen barely coming in. It was a darkish coloer instead of the white color I was expecting.

I really hope I have not messed the screen up permanently by doing this, as our project is due in 2 days.

When the connection was hooked up incorrectly I had 4.9V at Vo and 0 - 4.9V going to VDD as I was adjusting the pot.

I was reading this post, and wondered if maybe something like this has happened to me. However I have used a 1k resistor to power theback light and get 2.7 volts at the back light. This is what I have been using for such a long time and never had a problem before.
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If the backlight got toasted, more than likely both sides would be damaged in a similar manner.

If there is a sharp distinction between the damaged and undamaged locations, then one of the driver ICs (under the black blob) probably got toasted.

Please write support(at]crystalfontz[dot]com (edit to '@' & '.') -- there is some remedy we can offer in a situation like this. FedEx can have you one on Tuesday (though it will cost :( ). Please reference this thread.


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I live in copenhagen, Denmark and it is sunday. Is it really possible to get a new screen by tuesday? Becuase I am willing to pay the money right now as it is extremely important to have this screen.