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CFAH2004A Init Code Request

I'm using a CFAH2004A-YMI-JP and trying to push out some text to it with a Dallas DS89C450 microcontroller. The data sheet on the CFAH2004A, to me at least, is a tad cryptic and I'm not sure I'm initializing the LCD correctly. Does anyone have some code they'd care to share on initialzing this, or similar, LCD? I'd prefer assembly but beggars can't be choosers... ;)

Also for the R/W pin ( pin 5), as I never read from the LCD or poll the busy flag, I have left it unconnected. Is this appropriate or should I tie it to ground?

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Ahh, didn't notice the source files in the download section, thanks.

Well I took a look at the code and it looks like my init routine is on the right track. Mainly I was a little confused from the documentation. It just didn't seem correct pushing the same value to the LCD, again, and again, and again, and again. Glad to see that the init routine, though seemingly nonsensical to me, is correct.:D


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Had a chance to play with it some more tonight and it looks like all is working fine now.
The init routine is set and I've got text displayed to the LCD. Last issue I had to overcome was realizing that text was present but due to an improper contrast setting I couldn't see it. Pulled VO to ground for testing and the text popped right up. Sweet. :D

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I made that mistake on the first LCD I did (maybe 1996?) . . . it was 20x2 also! Must have mucked around a week before finding the right value for V0.