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first of all I know you don't support anything on these displays but it is only a small question and it is a matter of dead or alive (for the display at least...)

I soldered the thing and when I connect it to the computer I immediately saw something was wrong ... checked... nothing, checked again... nothing (well you know the works) tried with another display... worked fine...
Then I checked on the display itself and I saw that the thing on position C4 (that is right under the connectors, so on the back top right) (I am not an electronic guy so I really don't know the name for it...) and I saw it is broken... I know I cannot return it to you but could you tell me what the thing is so I can try to solder a spare part on it?

display : CFAH2004A-TMI-JP - QC OK 3/28/0302

thank you very much....
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I believe it's a .15uF 0805 SMT capacitor you'll want to replace it with.

A Digi-key search for a general purpose capacitor with those specifications will get you one, likely. :)

Then you'll just need to solder it on.

Have fun. :D


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hey... me again... I've tried looking for these smd-capacitor but I only find a 50 V one... is that OK or will it not work with that?? I am assuming that I should have something close to 5 V as that is the operation voltage of the LCD....
btw, what is the 0805 code standing for???

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The 50v rating won't hurt. The voltage rating of a capacitor just has to be higher than the actual voltage at which the capacitor is used.