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I have an Aqua Computer Aquaero which comes with a CFAH2002A-TML-JT# display (the closest match I can find is CFAH2002A-TMI-JT which I think is the same thing).

I ordered 2 LCDs to try as drop-in replacements, CFAH2002Y-RDI-ET and CFAH2002A-TFH-JT. TFHJT seems to works fine but on the RDIET there are wrong characters being shown. For e.g. the Aquaero calls "ü" but in the RDIET CGROM "▼" is in place of that character. So for example instead of "Lüfter" I get "L▼fter."

Since these calls are programmed into the Aquaero device I cannot change it to call the correct character.

Is there any way to change the CGROM to a different character set?

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The suffix of the part numbers, "JT" and "ET" designate the controller and language set in the CGROM. Both have the same controller, Stitronix ST7066U, but have different character sets.

The "JT" is an English / Japanese character set, and the "ET" is an English / European characters set. These differences are referred to a ROM Codes. The JT is ROM Code 0A, and the ET is ROM Code 0B.

These ROM Code tables are on pages 13 and 14 of the controller data sheet:


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Ok thanks, got that. Sorry its a beginner question. Is there any way to change the rom code? Re-flash the rom? In otherwords change the char set of a unit?


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Thanks, then is there any possibility of a CFAH2002Y-RDI-JT? I suppose something custom would have to be part of a mass order...