CFAH2001B-TMI-ET on Linux


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Hello all,

I've just got a CFAH2001B-TMI-ET (Rev.O) parallel display LCD and hooked it up to my Linux box yesterday.

Well, I tested it with lcdproc but couldn't get it to display anything, sometimes there were just some contrast changes.

I configured LCDd with the HD44870 driver (as the controller on the display is compatible), but couldn't get anything from there.

Does anybody have any hints on this? Should I use a CrystalFontz driver instead?

Thanks in advance!!
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Well, managed to get it working with LCD4Linux instead.

First time, it worked like a charm.

Second time, the text is scrolling left to right, always. And it's like that everytime now.

Any clues for this? :confused: