CFAH1602B-TMC-JP fading on power-up?


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Ordered me a nice CFAH1602B-TMC-JP. :) Well, on power-up, I get the 2 lines of bars, but then about a second later, they start to fade to black. This doesn't seem to be normal, so I've checked my wiring, and all seems well, I've checked just about everything.

Voltage seems ok, contrast, and backlight are fine. Not quite sure where to go with this. Any ideas?

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CF Support

We do not offer end-user tech support on the CFAH* series LCDs in PC applications. We will not accept returns on CFAH* LCDs damaged in an attempt to connect them to a PC.

That said, *two lines of bars* ?? if you've got a 16x2 display, only the top line should be full on when the controller wakes up.


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Hmm, well then I seem to have a problem. haha.. I'll figure it out, thanks for the reply though! (I know about the support issues w/ PC's).. Completely understandable. :)