Cfah1602b- nyg-jt


New member
Hi! Could you help me, please?

I am developing a project (portable device), which I use PIC24F16KA102 (XLP Family - Ultra Low Power
Consumer - Power Supply: 3V3). I am using a CFAH1602B- NYG-JT LCD Model. However, I have a problem:
I need to supply this LCD with 3V3 and not 5V (which is more common). I saw datasheet about him and there
was told 4 methods to do this, but I have some doubts still:

If I use CI7660, my circuit will should have the link find attached?

If anyone has one commentary, please you send an e-mail to andresoarestcc2010 at gmail dot com talking about this circuit or other possible solution.

Kind regards!
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