CFAH1602AGGBJP garbage text


New member
my display works great, but once and a while when i close my door the lcd will begin to display garbage text. when the microcontroller tries to write new info to the lcd the garbage text changes. but the keypad on the door still works great. i think i have a loose wire, but i have been unable to determine where is it. When i reset the microcontroller, the lcd works fine again. any ideas?
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CF Tech

It might be the power line. A glitch on that could make the LCD lose its initialization. The E line could also cause trouble. Well, I guess any of the control or data lines could.


New member
i think it may be the power line, but i have been trying to duplicate the porblem by "flicking" the wires, but no good. i have also secured the wires so they cannot move, and im hopeing that will stop the problem

one thing, could i have the lcd initilize evey 1 to 2 min, so if the lcd does loose it's initilization, t would gain it back? or is that not good for the lcd?