CFAH1202A Backlight connections


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The manual for the CFAH1202A does not show the "K" connection to the backlight as far as I can tell. I believe it is located on the right side of the display pcb but I can't tell by looking at the drawing.
Can you clarify the location of the "A" and "K" connections for this display?
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The backlight connection for the cathode (K) is factory set to be connected through Pin 1 (Vss). On the back of the module, below the A and K connection jumper J1 sets this. If you remove this jumper, then you can supply your backlight ground directly to the cathode (K).

At the top is jumper J2 and RA. In the factory position, J2 is in the position where pin 15 is connected to the anode (A). If you move the jumper to the alternate position, then the anode will connected to Pin 2 (Vdd). If you do this, you will need to change RA to the correct value to limit your backlight current as RA is loaded with a zero Ohm jumper.




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Great answer. Wish it were in the manual!! I take it by looking at the attached picture and what my results are showing, J2 is in the factory position (K attached to pin 15) in this picture?
Thanks again.

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. . . Wish it were in the manual!! . . .
We did see the problem a while back.

We made annotated photos, which are ready for the next update of the manual. The next update is in the queue on its way to the site, but there are quite a few (~ 100, I think) in front of it.

Please accept our apologies for the delay.